the movement

To change the world, start at the source.

The Movement connects forward-thinking fashion brands to the necessary tools to change the fast fashion industry—low-impact innovations, manufacturing technologies, and distribution solutions.

We believe in elevating the world’s brands to mark a much-needed shift in the industry. We exist to simplify the steps towards a sustainable, progressive space for fast fashion to inhabit.

who we are

The fast-fashion industry is at a crossroads.

An awareness is spreading among producers, designers, and consumers: that apparel must be produced at scale with minimal impacts on the planet.

The Movement provides turn-key solutions to the next generation of leaders in the fast fashion industry. From sourcing responsibly produced fabrics to developing innovative production solutions, we elevate brands so they can lead the way towards a conscientious fashion future.

Whether you are seeking to ignite your initial offering or develop a mass-market distribution strategy, The Movement is ready work with you to put your momentum into motion.



Polylana® is a low-impact alternative to 100% acrylic with less energy, water, waste, CO2 and microfiber release. Not just different, but better.

Polylana® unlocks new potential in fiber creation with reduced environmental impact and enhanced performance capabilities.


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